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What Does it Take to Build a Truly Resilient Supply Chain?

by IntelliTrans | October 8, 2020

  With the global pandemic impacting supply chains worldwide, more organizations are taking introspective looks at their own global networks and taking steps.
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Helping Rail Keep Pace with the Modern, Consumer-Driven Economy

Facing new challenges in 2020, the rail sector needs more digital technology to help it stay relevant and work smarter, better, and faster. As organizations across all industries invest in digitization that helps them run their supply.
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12 Ways to Put Your TMS Data to Work

  If you’re not already making full use of the data generated by your transportation management systems, here are 12 ways that you can start leveraging the data produced by this important supply chain management platform.   The world is.
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Boosting Rail Transportation’s Sustainability Profile

  A mode of transportation already known for its “green” qualities, rail could make some further sustainability gains if a new bipartisan act becomes a law. The push to make modes of transportation more environmentally-sustainable has been.
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Gearing Up for the New Hours of Service Rule Changes

  New HOS modifications that go into effect on September 29th expand the short-haul exception, expand the adverse driving conditions exception, require 30-minute breaks, and change the sleeper berth provision.   In June, the Federal Motor.
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Coming Soon to a Highway Near You: Autonomous Trucks

  Automakers, tech startups, logistics providers, and carriers are coming together to help make the driverless truck a reality. Call them driverless trucks, autonomous trucks, or robot trucks—by whatever name, these advanced delivery.
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Using Data to Minimize Supply Chain Disruptions

It doesn’t take a black swan event to disrupt a supply chain. Here’s how companies can use data to minimize disruptions and keep their supply chains running. A black swan event, COVID-19 took the world by surprise when it first emerged in.
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Technology and Automation - Do More with Less

With more companies announcing massive layoffs, the need for advanced supply chain management technology is growing at unprecedented rates. Here’s how your company can use this technology to do more with less. After weathering the early.
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How Did the Modern Supply Chain Come to Be?

Here are eight key events that contributed to the creation of the modern-day supply chain. The modern supply chain is a complex animal that’s come a long way since the cavemen in the cartoon below were experimenting with the earliest modes.
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Benefits of End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

If your supply chain management platform isn’t giving you end-to-end visibility, you’re missing out on some critical benefits and competitive advantages. For most companies, the idea of having end-to-end supply chain visibility has been.
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5 Ways Global Supply Chain Transparency Improves Customer Service

Here’s how global supply chain transparency helps companies attract new customers and keep their current buyers happy. When consumers buy from companies that provide high levels of supply chain transparency, they’re willing pay anywhere.
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Using Analytics to Drive Costs Out of the Supply Chain

Here are five ways analytics are being leveraged to help companies do more with less. In a business environment where taking actions based on gut instinct has been replaced by good decision-making supported by advanced technology,.
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5 Reasons You Need a Holistic Supply Chain Approach

Getting to high levels of rail car and truck fleet visibility requires a holistic supply chain approach that doesn’t leave anything out. In the rapidly-evolving supply chain environment, companies can’t afford to have siloed technology.
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