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Amazing Women In Supply Chain: Shannon Evans

by IntelliTrans | October 20, 2021

An expert in all things logistics, Shannon Evans of Weyerhaeuser recognizes that supply chain technology is the key to the industry’s future. It’s been about.
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What Role Will Technology Play in the Future of Logistics?

In its Logistics 2030: Navigating a Disruptive Decade report, Auburn University shows how organizations can use technology to effectively tackle the challenges and unique disruptions that will occur over the next decade. Over the last.
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There’s Real Business Value in Supply Chain Transparency

Two supply chain professors from MIT and North Carolina State highlight the many different ways transparency can boost business value and help organizations create more sustainable supply chains. Buyers increasingly want to know how the.
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Finding Opportunity in the New Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act

With $944 billion potentially going into the improvement of US public works across various industries, here’s how this major infusion may create new opportunities for a wide range of manufacturers and distributors. On August 10, the US.
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Building Tomorrow’s Agile, Resilient Supply Chains Today

Shaken by the pandemic but not broken, global supply chains are now well positioned to begin strengthening and becoming more agile for the future. The ability to rapidly flex or repurpose assets across your supply chain in response to.
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Building a Business Case for Supply Chain Digitalization

Supply chain shortages, labor constraints and the rising costs of doing business are all pushing companies to rethink their digitalization strategies and invest in technology platforms that help them work smarter, better and faster in any.
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Driving Millions of Dollars in Rail Freight Billing Errors Back into Shippers’ Pockets

About 1%-1.5% of all line haul freight bills are incorrect and 27% of all accessorial fees levied on shipments are wrong. Here’s how companies can use technology to cut these fees off at the pass and save millions in the process. Running.
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Amazing Women In Supply Chain: Jayleen Farver

Between managing a team and a large rail car fleet, Jayleen Farver of Cargill knows that success in supply chain means taking risks, sticking your neck out, and grabbing new opportunities. As CTL Rail Transportation Lead for Cargill,.
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How to Cope with the Persistent Driver Shortage

With the ATA expecting a shortfall of 160,000 truck drivers by 2028, it’s time to start using advanced technology to address the problem and plan for the future. The nation’s truck driver shortage predates the global pandemic, which only.
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Warehouse Visibility Technology Creates Major Efficiency Gains

New survey finds that 75% of companies see efficiency gains from implementing warehouse visibility technologies and that 72% of businesses are now focused on aligning traditional supply chain strategies with both digital and analytics.
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6 Takeaways from Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s New Supply Chain Sustainability Report

State of Supply Chain Sustainability 2021 report finds that companies are more committed to supply chain sustainability than ever right now. Sustainable supply chains that were once “nice to have” have become table stakes as organizations.
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Managing Supply Chains in a Volatile World

From work stoppages to railyard congestion to rising transportation rates, modern supply chain challenges call for advanced approaches meant to thwart the immediate obstacles and future-proof organizations for the long haul. Supply chain.
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Amazing Women In Supply Chain: Laura Ensell

Laura Ensell of Dow eagerly takes on new challenges and tackles the rigors of supply chain management, digitization, or pretty much anything else that crosses her path. Laura Ensell’s introduction to supply chain happened about eight years.
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