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Celebrating HERstory: The Women Who Make Supply Chain Move

by IntelliTrans | March 8, 2024

March is National Women's History Month, a time to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women in U.S. history. Designated by presidential.
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Amazing Women in Supply Chain Highlights from 2021

Throughout 2021, IntelliTrans spoke with and profiled an impressive lineup of Amazing Women in Supply Chain. We talked to them about their careers, top challenges, industry insights and future outlooks both for the supply chain industry as.
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Amazing Women In Supply Chain: Jeanne Risley

What started as a purchasing internship in high school transformed into a lifelong passion for blending technology, analytics and supply chain. Jeanne Risley’s foray into supply chain and logistics started when she was in high school and.
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Amazing Women In Supply Chain: Shannon Evans

An expert in all things logistics, Shannon Evans of Weyerhaeuser recognizes that supply chain technology is the key to the industry’s future. It’s been about 18 years since Shannon Evans started her supply chain journey with Weyerhaeuser,.
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Amazing Women In Supply Chain: Jayleen Farver

Between managing a team and a large rail car fleet, Jayleen Farver of Cargill knows that success in supply chain means taking risks, sticking your neck out, and grabbing new opportunities. As CTL Rail Transportation Lead for Cargill,.
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Amazing Women In Supply Chain: Laura Ensell

Laura Ensell of Dow eagerly takes on new challenges and tackles the rigors of supply chain management, digitization, or pretty much anything else that crosses her path. Laura Ensell’s introduction to supply chain happened about eight years.
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Amazing Women In Supply Chain: Karen Bryant

After a successful 27-year career with Dow, Karen Bryant of Petroleum Service Corporation is focusing her efforts to advance circular economy. She’s Working to Build a More Sustainable Future Armed with a freshly-minted chemical.
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Amazing Women In Supply Chain: Mary Beth Fischer

After transitioning from IT to supply chain, Mary Beth Fischer of Procter & Gamble puts on several hats that position her as a truly Amazing Woman in Supply Chain. Sinking Her Teeth into a Hands-on Career Opportunity in Supply Chain In her.
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Amazing Women In Supply Chain: Alisha Ayre

By blending engineering and business experience, Alisha Ayre found the perfect balance of skillsets and knowledge needed for a successful, long-term career in supply chain and logistics. She’s Helping to Drive the Future of Supply Chain.
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Amazing Women In Supply Chain: Laura Eory

By taking on new roles and responsibilities, Laura Eory has successfully bridged the gap between raising a family and cultivating a long-term career in the industry that she loves. Who Says Career Advancement has to be Linear? Laura Eory’s.
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Amazing Women In Supply Chain: Jo Shepherd

Driving Transformational Change Across the Organization This supply chain executive enjoys taking on new challenges, driving transformational change, and helping her entire organization understand the benefits of continuous improvement..
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Amazing Women In Supply Chain: Cindy Bond

Working Her Way Across the Entire Supply Chain With an impressive career spanning three decades in supply chain, Cindy Bond of Phillips 66 has experience across all facets of supply chain, logistics, and transportation management. Cindy.
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