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Intellitrans Rail 101: Chapter 2

by IntelliTrans | April 15, 2020

  RAIL INDUSTRY OVERVIEW   Rail Freight Equipment Within the North American (United States, Canada and Mexico) rail system as of 2018, there were an estimated.
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Intellitrans Rail 101: Chapter 1

RAIL INDUSTRY OVERVIEW   Rail Companies and Infrastructure   Currently, there are 540 freight railroads operating 140,000 miles of track in the United States.  Of these, seven are Class 1 railroads because of their 2019 annual operating.
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Thoughts on Visibility in the Supply Chain

  Supply chain visibility. Everyone in the transportation and logistics industry needs it. But there are many degrees of visibility in the marketplace. In-transit visibility, which is what is most commonly discussed and shows where goods.
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Avoid Costly Penalties - Register your private Railcars in OT-57 NOW.

OT-5’s complicated registration process is being retired February 3rd  and OT-57 picks up that same day. If you haven’t transitioned over now is the time! The Loading Authority OT-57 system provides a centralized, paperless process for.
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Freight Brokers vs. Shippers' Agents

Freight Brokers Within the transportation marketplace, brokers provide a myriad of services. Brokers fill the gaps between shippers, owner-operators, and draymen. Brokers also assist shippers and trucking companies with resource and.
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Supply Chain Machine Learning

  The IntelliTrans analytical toolkit has evolved over the years from Access databases, Excel spreadsheets, Crystal Reports, and OLAP Cubes to dynamic dashboards and scorecards. All these technologies, however, have focused on.
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Algorithmic TMS Tendering

  Let's face it, many TMS products share the same features nowadays. And, with all the noise in the market, it can be difficult to understand what differentiates providers. So, what makes IntelliTrans different? Our dock scheduling feature.
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VMI: Improving Supplier & Customer Relationships

  IntelliTrans Vendor Managed Inventory Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) has been heralded by many industries, including automotive, consumer products, retail, and more recently healthcare and pharmaceuticals. However, that’s just the tip of.
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Meet the New IntelliTrans!

IntelliTrans has spent the past six months developing a new look that complements our expanded services and big plans for the future!  In 1992, we started as a simple solution to track railcars. But since then we’ve expanded into inventory.
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When is a Control Tower not a Control Tower?

  A Control Tower is not a Control Tower if it only provides shipment visibility. Claiming that shipment visibility is a Control Tower is like saying you only need radar equipment and you don’t need Air Traffic Controllers or the ability.
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Reliable ETAs in a Changing World

  In today’s shipping environment, it’s tough to make accurate predictions on shipment estimated time of arrival (ETA); things like yard congestion, weather, service schedules, block size, and resources available compound unpredictability..
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Introducing the TMS API Suite

Our goal at IntelliTrans is to drive successful outcomes for shippers, and helping carriers and 3PLs better serve our shipper customers is a key part of that mission. That’s why we’ve released an API suite to extend IntelliTrans TMS.
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Shipment Visibility

  Multi-Modal Shipment Visibility & Execution Shipment visibility has come a long way since we released our rail shipment visibility platform in 1992. It seems like this foundational capability has gone from relative obscurity to being on.
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