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Going Beyond the Basics with Supply Chain Visibility

by IntelliTrans | July 14, 2022

The basic definition of supply chain visibility hasn’t changed much, but the way it’s being used in the business world continues to evolve and become even more.
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5 Reasons Every Company Needs a Supply Chain Control Tower

Here’s how supply chain control towers help companies operate more efficiently, tackle their biggest supply chain challenges and give their customers high levels of service and support. As supply chain disruptions, rising fuel costs,.
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How Sustainability Supports Supply Chain Resilience

Companies that are shedding the limitations of traditional linear supply chain models are finding that they’re more resilient, agile and adaptable to change. Supply chain resilience is a hot topic right now as organizations continue to.
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Don’t Let Your Yard/Dock Become the “Black Hole” of Your Supply Chain

How shippers are using advanced applications to create more streamlined supply chains that include their dock and yard activities. Spikes in order volume, changes in customer demand, unreliable forecasting and unexpected logistics snarls.
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West Coast Port Labor Negotiations Update

Here’s what you need to know about the West Coast port labor talks and how they may impact supply chains, logistics and transportation operations. In May, contract negotiations got underway for about 15,600 dockworkers at the Port of Los.
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Gartner Survey Finds More Women in Supply Chain Leadership Roles

The research firm says representation of women improved at the first-line manager/supervisor, senior manager and director levels of the supply chain organization. In 2022, women account for 19% of C-level positions in the average supply.
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5 Ways to Reenergize Your Supply Chain Digitalization Strategy

If your supply chain digitalization is on auto pilot this year, here are five ways to rev it back up and start realizing the many rewards of digital transformation. Supply chain digitalization isn’t a “set it and forget it” exercise that.
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Getting Onboard with Supply Chain Sustainability

When an organization transitions to using a more sustainable business strategy, everyone wins. As the drive to make supply chains more sustainable continues to gain momentum, organizations that ignore this mandate are doing so at their own.
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Strategies for Navigating the Current Freight Market

Challenges continue to mount in the transportation sector. Here’s how shippers can adjust their strategies and use technology to navigate the complexities. The driver shortage, capacity crunch, port congestion and freight price hikes.
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5 Ways Digital Twins Help Companies Optimize their Supply Chains

Here are real-world examples of how companies can leverage the power of digital twins in their supply chain operations. In our recent blog, FAQ: What are Digital Twins and How Can I Use Them in My Supply Chain?, we addressed some of the.
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How the Internet of Things Supports Efficient Logistics and Transportation

New report from Ericsson highlights how IoT is taking truck/trailer monitoring and driver assistance to new levels. The Internet of Things (IoT) has been around for several years now, and is generally defined as the network of physical.
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5 Ways Supply Chain Control Towers Go Beyond Visibility

Control towers enable collaboration across teams, help companies better predict disruptions, improve resiliency, manage exceptions and respond to unplanned events. Good supply chain visibility is a great thing to have. In fact, visibility.
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Using Supply Chain Control Towers to Minimize Miles Driven

By providing visibility across multiple modes of transportation, supply chain control towers help companies make key transportation and logistics decisions based on real-time data. Every year, more than 10 billion tons of freight make.
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