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How Does Your Freight Invoice Audit Provider Measure Up?

by IntelliTrans | February 28, 2024

In today's ever-changing transportation environment, companies are investing more than ever to ensure they have reliable freight invoice audit processes that.
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Technology and Automation - Do More with Less

With more companies announcing massive layoffs, the need for advanced supply chain management technology is growing at unprecedented rates. Here’s how your company can use this technology to do more with less. After weathering the early.
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5 Ways Global Supply Chain Transparency Improves Customer Service

Here’s how global supply chain transparency helps companies attract new customers and keep their current buyers happy. When consumers buy from companies that provide high levels of supply chain transparency, they’re willing pay anywhere.
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Using Analytics to Drive Costs Out of the Supply Chain

Here are five ways analytics are being leveraged to help companies do more with less. In a business environment where taking actions based on gut instinct has been replaced by good decision-making supported by advanced technology,.
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5 Reasons You Need a Holistic Supply Chain Approach

Getting to high levels of rail car and truck fleet visibility requires a holistic supply chain approach that doesn’t leave anything out. In the rapidly-evolving supply chain environment, companies can’t afford to have siloed technology.
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Avoid Costly Penalties - Register your private Railcars in OT-57 NOW.

OT-5’s complicated registration process is being retired February 3rd and OT-57 picks up that same day. If you haven’t transitioned over now is the time! The Loading Authority OT-57 system provides a centralized, paperless process for.
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Freight Brokers vs. Shippers' Agents

Freight Brokers Within the transportation marketplace, brokers provide a myriad of services. Brokers fill the gaps between shippers, owner-operators, and draymen. Brokers also assist shippers and trucking companies with resource and.
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Supply Chain Machine Learning

The IntelliTrans analytical toolkit has evolved over the years from Access databases, Excel spreadsheets, Crystal Reports, and OLAP Cubes to dynamic dashboards and scorecards. All these technologies, however, have focused on understanding.
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The P's and Q's of Rail Rate Negotiation

Partnership Develop relationships. One of the most important things you can do is to build a relationship with your railroad partners. Do the carriers consider you a customer or a partner? Encouraging the rail carriers to view you as a.
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Automated Freight Invoice Auditing & Payment

Transportation is a primary cost driver for many companies. Research from Accenture shows that transportation represents "upwards of $30-$60 million for every $1 billion in material cost for product-based companies". Besides the enormity.
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Advanced Supply Chain Analytics

A picture is worth 1,031.45 words. Our new supply chain analytics feature produces visualizations that help you see and understand your Visibility and TMS data. Shipment Analysis Dive into trip information by product, trip counts, transit.
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