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Using TMS to Gain Supply Chain Visibility, Part I

by IntelliTrans | May 13, 2021

This two-part blog series details the top supply chain visibility hurdles that shippers are facing right now and shows how a SaaS-based transportation.
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Survival of the Fittest: Is Your Supply Chain Ready for the Next Disruption?

As global supply chain operators work to realign their networks and prepare for the next disruption, Gartner says those focused on developing “fit” supply chains will likely come out ahead of the pack. Knowing that supply chain operators.
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Picking the Right Supply Chain Control Tower for Your Organization

Supply chain control towers have come of age and are proliferating on the market. Here’s what you should be looking for as you shop around and pick the best match for your organization. Software solutions that extend the view of a.
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Why are the Ports Congested and Where Did All of the Shipping Containers Go?

The world’s ports are congested and shipping containers are hard to come by. Here’s how the current environment is impacting everyone from the shipper to the carrier to the end consumer. The complete blockage of the Suez Canal shipping.
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Using Fleet Tracking Technology to Drive Inefficiencies Out of the Supply Chain

By merging tracking data from ELDs, back-office systems, and mobile applications that carriers use to provide a central dashboard for monitoring in-transit shipments, freight visibility platforms are helping to fill in visibility gaps and.
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5 Benefits of Selecting the Right TMS for Your Business

In part II of this 3-part article series we outlined the 10 Things to Look for in Your New Transportation Management System. In this final article, we give you five great reasons why you shouldn’t put off upgrading to a modern, cloud-based.
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10 Things to Look for in Your New Transportation Management System

In Part I of this 3-part article series, we outlined the reasons for upgrading or replacing your transportation management system (TMS). In this article, we’ll show you how to select the right TMS for your organization. The right.
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Quiz: Is Your Transportation Management System Holding You Back?

Quiz: Is Your Transportation Management System Holding You Back? If you’re trying to determine if 2021 is the year that you rip out your current transportation management system and start fresh, ask yourself these seven questions: Has our.
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Using Railcar Visibility to Bridge Supply Chain Gaps

How a global supply chain visibility platform can change the way shippers orchestrate their railcar freight across 140,000 route miles nationwide. Running on nearly 140,000 route miles, the U.S. freight rail network is worth nearly.
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Using Technology to Navigate the Ocean Container Shortage

How global visibility platforms can help organizations overcome yet another impact of the global pandemic: a critical shortage of ocean containers. In November, the rumors about a potential ocean container shortage turned into real.
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What is a Supply Chain Control Tower?

How global visibility platforms are helping companies overcome the steep challenges of the global pandemic and develop more resilient, future-proof supply chains. Deal with the crisis of the day and better prepare for the future. The.
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Using Continuous Improvement to Build Strong Supply Chains

The “set it and forget it” approach to supply chain design and technology doesn’t work. Here’s how companies can leverage continuous improvement to deal with the crisis of the day and better prepare for the future. Successful organizations.
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Turning Your Docks & Yards into Supply Chain Assets

Here’s why you can’t afford to let your yard become the “black hole” of your supply chain, and what you can do about it. It doesn’t matter if your warehouse is organized to the tee and your transportation network operates like clockwork,.
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