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Using Continuous Improvement to Build Strong Supply Chains

by IntelliTrans | February 4, 2021

The “set it and forget it” approach to supply chain design and technology doesn’t work. Here’s how companies can leverage continuous improvement to deal with.
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Turning Your Docks & Yards into Supply Chain Assets

Here’s why you can’t afford to let your yard become the “black hole” of your supply chain, and what you can do about it. It doesn’t matter if your warehouse is organized to the tee and your transportation network operates like clockwork,.
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How to Negotiate Freight Rates in 2021

Five tips for getting the best possible rates across all transportation modes this year. Transportation capacity is constrained, a massive worldwide vaccine rollout is underway, and the labor market is tight. Combined, this “perfect storm”.
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What’s on Tap for Logistics in 2021?

Here are the top logistics trends that are taking place in the market right now. As we turn the page over to a new year and leave 2020 in the rearview mirror, here are a few key logistics trends that all shippers should be keeping an eye.
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6 Reasons to Automate More Business Processes in 2021

Here’s why your company should be exploring and implementing more supply chain automation during the year ahead. The case for business automation is strong, and the supply chain is one area where companies can reap significant cost.
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Key Supply Chain Lessons Learned in 2020

Here are the top supply chain lessons that companies learned in 2020, and some insights into how to avoid a repeat performance during the coming year. With COVID-19 taking an unrelenting toll on human life, livelihoods, and business in.
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6 Reasons Why You Should be Worried About Ocean Freight Visibility

Rather than leaving ocean shipping visibility up to chance, more companies are deploying technologies to help them gain high levels of transparency over those shipments. Here’s why.   Historically, the time that shipments spent on the high.
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Why Settle for 50% Visibility Over Your Transportation Networks?

A complex workflow of many different interlinked processes, the modern supply chain requires high levels of visibility to operate in a predictable, reliable manner.   Visibility across your end-to-end supply chain is no longer a “nice to.
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Beware of Companies that Want to “Buy” Your Business

Digital freight matching came out of the gate with a vengeance two years ago, but key players in the space have yet to become profitable. Here’s why this is a problem. Two years ago, there was a lot of hype around how digital freight.
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5 Key Trends to Watch this Holiday Shipping Season

As the year begins to wind down and the holiday season emerges, here are some key developing trends that could impact transportation planning and capacity.  The year-end holiday season is upon us, and it looks like dwindling capacity,.
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Why You Should be Doing Regular Freight Audits

Frequent freight audits ensure that you never pay carriers more than you have to. If you’re not already auditing your company’s freight invoices, listen up. Not historically known for its attention to detail, the carrier industry sends out.
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What’s Keeping Lumber Industry Giants Up at Night?

Interfor’s VP of Logistics reveals the key fulfillment and transportation issues that his organization is dealing with right now and tells what the organization is doing to ride out these waves and prepare for the future. As companies.
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The Amazon Effect: It’s not Just for B2C Anymore

Pulled into the digital landscape, the B2B sector is getting a taste of what it’s like to have to meet the delivery expectations set forth by large e-tailers. Whether literally or figuratively, pretty much all organizations are in some way.
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