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Using Supply Chain Visibility to Tackle Data Challenges

by IntelliTrans | September 22, 2022

Armed with data-ready insights, smart organizations can make more informed decisions at a speed that drives improved business performance and addresses supply.
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What’s Happening with Breakbulk Rates?

A look at how rates are trending in 2022 for breakbulk and insights into what may be coming next. A common method of transporting cargo or goods that don’t fit in standard-size shipping containers or cargo bins, breakbulk and bulk make up.
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Tips for Keeping Employees in a Tight Labor Market

The second part of a two-part blog series on how to find and retain good employees in a tight labor market. In the first segment of this 2-part blog series we outlined some of the key strategies that companies are using to find new job.
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Tips for Finding Employees in a Tight Labor Market

The first in a two-part blog series on how to find and retain good employees in a tight labor market. If you’ve been putting more effort, time and resources into recruiting new employees lately, you’re not alone. Across most industry.
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Ocean Trends to Watch During Peak Shipping Season

Here’s an update on the key ocean shipping trends to watch as we move into the busiest shipping season of the year. With peak shipping season underway, port officials across the nation want to avoid a repeat of last year, but issues still.
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5 Ways Technology Can Help You Win the Supply Chain Disruption Battle

Here’s how companies can use technology to better manage supply chain disruption, constraints, transportation issues and other challenges. Technology has always been at the forefront of supply chain management, where having high levels of.
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Fostering Diversity in the Supply Chain Workforce

How women are making their mark in supply chain and why it’s important. Last year, IntelliTrans’ Amazing Women in Supply Chain series garnered a lot of attention for putting the spotlight on the many talented, experienced women who help.
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US Railroads Harness the Power of Technology & Big Data

How the nation’s rail systems are using technology and big data to improve safety and efficiency. As shippers, carriers and logistics firms around the globe put more technology in place to both address their current challenges and prepare.
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Supply Chain Sustainability Can be a Competitive Advantage

No longer just a “nice-to-have,” supply chain sustainability comes to the forefront for companies that want to comply with regulations, meet their customers’ and employees’ requirements, and compete more effectively in the marketplace. As.
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What’s on Tap for Supply Chains for the Rest of the Year?

With the global pandemic now in its third year, here’s what’s happening on the supply chain front in 2022 and what companies can expect for the remainder of the year. Companies entered 2022 worried about container shortages, port.
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Going Beyond the Basics with Supply Chain Visibility

The basic definition of supply chain visibility hasn’t changed much, but the way it’s being used in the business world continues to evolve and become even more important. By definition, supply chain visibility is the tracking of all parts,.
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5 Reasons Every Company Needs a Supply Chain Control Tower

Here’s how supply chain control towers help companies operate more efficiently, tackle their biggest supply chain challenges and give their customers high levels of service and support. As supply chain disruptions, rising fuel costs,.
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How Sustainability Supports Supply Chain Resilience

Companies that are shedding the limitations of traditional linear supply chain models are finding that they’re more resilient, agile and adaptable to change. Supply chain resilience is a hot topic right now as organizations continue to.
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