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6 Steps to Better Supply Chain Visibility

by IntelliTrans | February 10, 2022

Here are six ways all companies can improve their supply chain visibility and begin reaping rewards like cost savings, improved accuracy, better inventory.
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The Growing Importance of Sustainability in the Supply Chain

How companies are navigating the complexities of supply chain sustainability, developing networks and adhering to today’s environmental, social and governance standards. If 2021 was the year that companies found innovative new ways to.
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Do You Know Where Your Products, Shipments & Raw Materials Are?

Here’s why supply chain visibility is becoming more important and how technology applications are helping organizations get more of it. Better visibility into complex supply chains means less disruptions, lower costs and happier customers..
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5 Ways to Manage Supply Chain Risk

Here are five steps all companies can take now to improve their supply chain risk management in 2022. Removing risk from the supply chain has become a key goal for organizations as they continue to navigate the complexities of the global.
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Amazing Women in Supply Chain Highlights from 2021

Throughout 2021, IntelliTrans spoke with and profiled an impressive lineup of Amazing Women in Supply Chain. We talked to them about their careers, top challenges, industry insights and future outlooks both for the supply chain industry as.
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Bringing Manufacturing and Sourcing Closer to Home

A look at some of the key reshoring and onshoring trends taking place right now. Whether they’re bringing manufacturing operations back to the US (i.e., “reshoring” or “onshoring”), sourcing raw materials from domestic suppliers or.
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6 New Year’s Resolutions for Supply Chain Leaders

Here are six areas for all supply chain leaders to focus on when developing their plans for the year ahead. There’s nothing like a new year to force all of us to reflect on the last 12 months, make some changes and then plough ahead full.
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5 Supply Chain Predictions for 2022

Here’s a roundup of some of the top supply chain predictions for the year ahead. If ever there was a time that supply chain managers needed a crystal ball, this would definitely be it. After enduring 20+ months of pandemic-driven.
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Key Supply Chain Lessons Learned in 2021

A look back at some of the lessons that companies can take away from 2021 and apply in 2022 (and beyond). “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste,” American politician and former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel once said..
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Reducing Deadhead Miles on the Highway

Using technology and some innovative thinking, companies and carriers can help reduce the number of empty miles driven on US highways every day. The environmental impacts of transportation have been well documented, and include the 29% of.
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An “Easy Button” for Transportation Decision Support

By embedding more and more knowledge into its systems, IntelliTrans is enabling all supply chain and logistics managers to make good decisions. Digital transformation has become a key priority for many organizations, but staying the course.
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Amazing Women In Supply Chain: Jeanne Risley

What started as a purchasing internship in high school transformed into a lifelong passion for blending technology, analytics and supply chain. Jeanne Risley’s foray into supply chain and logistics started when she was in high school and.
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Making the Commitment to ESG in Supply Chain

IntelliTrans and its parent company Roper Technologies walk the walk when it comes to environmental, social and governance, and they’re helping their own customers follow suit. Focused on reducing their carbon footprints, companies across.
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